Our Specialist Physio's are all trained in spinal and peripheral ax and Rx.

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession focussed on reducing pain and maximising an individual’s functional potential, particularly when this has been threatened by injury, disease or de-conditioning.

At Portland Physiotherapy, our therapists will discuss with you, the pain / and/or dysfunction you have been having and then clinically examine you to see if your spine or a neighbouring joint is felt to be part of the problem. There are a number of treatment techniques and modalities that your therapist may use to treat your spine. These will be fully explained and discussed with you at every step of the way, to ensure the most suitable and tailored care for you.

Injury and dysfunction to the extremities and joints surrounding the spine may happen in a sporting or exercise context, but may also happen during day-to-day activities. In some cases there may be no clear cause. At Portland Physio Clinic our therapists are trained to keep the entire body in mind whilst assessing, so they can then embark on the most appropriate form of treatment for that particular person's injury or problem. We will often ask questions around lifestyle, work and hobbies and combine this information with the assessment findings. This enables us to develop an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and a preventative exercise program & management principles to reduce the likelihood of these symptoms occurring again, if this is part of your aim.