This service is run by Nikki, if you have short periods of dizziness or been diagnosed with BPPV then we should be able to help.

Our balance is based on “ A perception of movement of the environment, or of oneself within the environment”. Vertigo is a symptom indicating there is a problem in our balance system, which is the sensation that the environment around you is moving or spinning when it isn't. Cases can be severe or mild.

Dizziness is the most frequently reported symptom for people over 75 years old seeking medical assistance. Those people who have had a fall and fractured their hip are twice as likely to have a vestibular balance problem which could have played a part in being a contributing factor.

These symptoms can affect people at almost any age and there are several reasons that the balance system may be dysfunctional and causing you to have these symptoms. One such condition is known as Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) which is due to dysfunction within the crystals floating in the inner ear canals. This can be easily assessed for and then treated by the Epley manoeuvre.

Nikki has advanced her training in Vestibular assessment and rehabilitation and can assess and treat this condition and where necessary can implement balance training techniques that may be required to restore any mismatch in the balance system that remains.

If you would like to book in with Nikki for her to help you restore confidence in moving around freely again, then please feel free to book in for an appointment not the below details.