Sport and physical fitness have always been the main interests of my development. The importance and understanding of being healthy and striving to optimise performance are things I find highly fascinating. Sports Therapy complimented my interests academically. Therefore, obtaining it as BSc (Hons) degree qualification whilst qualifying as an Advanced Fitness Instructor were natural progressions for me. Having worked with various sports teams to include London Irish RC, Chingford RFC, and Waltham Forest (semi-pro) F.C, I developed upon my skill set by achieving an MSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

I have been exposed to diverse opportunities. I have acquired additional clinical knowledge and skills throughout all fields of physiotherapy to include Respiratory ICU, Neurology, Paediatric and Musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Resultantly, I take a more holistic approach to patient care which drives me to provide quality care, particularly through understanding Physiotherapy at MSc level in that I have a developed ability to problem-solve and clinically reason which is fundamental for accurate diagnosis and treatment protocols.

With a hard-working ethic, I take initiative to work within current evidence-based practice. This ensures I am kept up to date. I aim to excel my clients by working together to elicit tailored treatment regimens.  This enables compliance and a timely recovery back to full function.