Physiotherapy East Grinstead

Nikki is immensely proud of working at  the Portland Physiotherapy Clinic and knowing and helping her wonderful community.

A partner at the Portland Physiotherapy Clinic for over 20 years, Nikki is happy assessing and treating all musculo-skeletal and sport related problems. Her strengths include soft tissue work followed with functional rehabilitation and training.  Every individual is given advice and exercises specific to them to remove, manage and prevent problems according to their individual posture and history of problems.

Nikki keeps up to date with the latest physiotherapy research ideas and practical clinical tips by attending the Physio First and Therapy Expo conferences every year.

Nikki completed a twelve week online mentorship course in 2020 with ProSport Academy under Dave ‘O’ Sullivan. Dave is the England Rugby Union and England Rugby League physiotherapist. She has learnt new hands on desensitising techniques for the muscles and ligaments and a new approach to progressive step by step rehabilitation based on 20% of the current problem being responsible for symptoms and identifying 80% of the underlying tissues that need to do more to spread the forces more evenly through the body and prevent the problem re occurring. This is the most common sense approach she has come across in all her years as a physiotherapist and admires David and his team for their dedication to their work and ongoing support to me in my learning.


Nikki can assess for and treat BPPV, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, with the Epley manoeuvre, and is expanding her knowledge of rehabilitation for vestibular and dizziness related problems.

In 2015/2016 Nikki trained over  two years to become an Advanced Emmett Practitioner. This technique works on Emmett Points. These points are often found over muscular trigger points, tendons and along myofascia connective tissue. By applying gentle pressure to these points there is a promotion of a release of tension thus relieving pain and correcting muscular patterning. The Emmett Technique has a beautiful sequence for stimulating the lymphatic system and general relaxation and maintenance of the body systems.

In June 2013 Nikki took an exam and received a certification in Jems (Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems). She attends annual CPD updates and continues to be inspired by Joanne.

Nikki qualified from Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge in 1990 and worked in London for 9 years before moving to the East Grinstead area. She has a family with two daughters and keeps fit with walking, cycling & yoga.