Physiotherapy East Grinstead

Home Visits

For some patients it is not possible to get to the clinic for treatment, so we offer a home visit service to assess you in your own environment. Many conditions are suitable for treatment in the privacy of your own home, care home or nursing home - for example
  • Post-op conditions - hip or knee replacement surgery
  • Fractures, especially common ones such as hip or wrist
  • Falls
  • Loss of Balance/Decreased mobility
  • Respiratory conditions such as chest infections or COPD
Our aim will be to carry out a thorough functional assessment, then allowing us to develop a treatment plan which may include - physical treatment, an exercise program to improve strength, balance and mobility, advice on walking aids for both indoor and outdoor use and education on, for example: how to reduce the risk of further falls. Some patients may not require physical treatment but may be helped by having a home assessment. This can help ensure that their home environment is as safe and functional as possible. We can advise on issues such as -
  • Mobility aids
  • Chair height
  • Toilet height
  • Hand rails
  • Bed position